Need a Raise?

For Crew Contractors

Wall-Lift improves the safety and efficency of your crew.

For Solo Contractors

Wall-Lift makes it possible to safely do all the framing yourself.

Easy to Set Up

Attach Base

Attach Winch

Attach Cable

Each jack can hoist walls up to 25' and 440 lbs

Order two Wall-Lifts if you will need to raise sections longer than 25' or heavier than 440 lbs. Extra long control cord allows one person to operate two lifts with ease and safety.

Extendable arm supports 8', 9' or 10' walls

Locks and braces both 2x4 and 2x6 walls

Fits walls with and without a top plate

Electric Winch

The 110v electric gear-reducing winch safely and quickly raises walls into the proper position without straining your back.

The winch features an electric brake that engages as soon as you release the control to keep the cable from retracting until you've braced the wall and are ready to move to the next.

Easy to Transport

The lift arm and winch each have a built-in carrying handle and weigh a combined 80 lbs. One person can easily move and set up the Wall-Lift at any site.

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